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Due to the lack of a good wiki online, I have decided to start a community led wiki right here in the forums! This post is editable by all users trust level 1 and higher, (*Needs confirmation) and will grow as more users add info.
But first, there’s some rules:

  • Every topic will have criteria you should follow in your additions
  • If you insert information that do need conformation on, put “(*Needs confirmation)” after it.
    ex. “Pilgor is a man (*Needs confirmation)”
  • If there is a list of items, put them in alphabetical order; unless it is a timeline, then go in chronological order
  • Do not insert low-quality images or pictures of a tv or monitor
  • Please do not make changes to the formatting and criteria of the wiki, make a suggestion instead
  • To suggest something for the wiki, just comment! No one holds full power over the wiki (other than the devs if they wish) and large changes will be discussed if there is controversy
  • Have a question? Just put it in the comments as well!
  • Please do not vandalize or delete any info on the wiki, it is rude to those who put time and effort into the wiki. (Copies will also be saved often, so any vandalism will be fixed)

NOTE: This is currently in its very early stages of existence, and will change overtime to be easier to navigate and understand.

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No content of the wiki is blurred, including spoilers; so tread carefully to avoid them


“Goat Simulator 3 is a brand new third-person sandbox adventure game in which you get to become the literal GOAT. Just like the first Goat Simulator, you’ll need to headbutt, lick and triple-jump your way across the giant island of San Angora – this time with all new areas, challenges, and events to discover. But what is life as a goat without friends to explore with? Goat Simulator 3 will let you gather a herd of friends to wreak havoc on the world together.” 1

Released: November 17th, 2022

Platforms: Epic Games (PC), Xbox Series X|S, PS5

Developers: Coffee Stain North

Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing



Here is the criteria for an entry in characters:

  • A Character is a unique NPC or player directly in or mentioned in the game
  • Include name, role, gender, sexuality, species, physical description, where to find them, status (alive/deceased), and other names (if any)
  • Image of Character (Optional)

Role: NPC
Gender: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Species: Goat
Appearance: White goat with black spots (*Needs confirmation)
Location: All around San Angora
Status: Alive

Role: Player/“Protagonist”
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual (*Needs confirmation)
Species: Goat
Appearance: Grey fur with a white streak on forehead and muzzle, yellow eyes
Status: Alive
Muscle Mommy
Stupid Goat (By the Farmer)
Goat Queen

Shaun Skulp:
Role: NPC/Celebrity
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown
Appearance: Caucasian male with combed brown hair, a blue sweater, and blue jeans
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Shaun the NPC
Successful Shaun

The Farmer:
Role: NPC/Antagonist/Game Dev
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Appearence: Caucasian male with tan farmer’s hat, orange undershirt, blue overalls
Species: Human (*Needs confirmation)
Status: Deceased?


Here is the criteria for an entry in objects:

  • Description of object
  • Uses (if any)
  • When it was added or what adds it (DLC/Update)
  • Where it can be found
  • Fun tricks and glitches (Optional)


Here is the criteria for an entry in goat gear:

  • Description of area
  • Missions in area (If any)
  • Collectibles in area (If any)
  • When it was added or what adds it (DLC/Update)


Goat Gear:

Here is the criteria for an entry in goat gear:

  • Description of different types of goat gear, including rarity, in-game description, and ability(s).
  • When it was added or what adds it (DLC/Update)
  • How to unlock gear
  • Tips and strategies for utilizing goat gear effectively/fun tricks and glitches (Optional)
  • Image (Optional)


Common (No color)

Uncommon (Green)

Rare (Blue)

Epic (Purple)

Legendary (Orange)

Crossover (Yellow) (*Needs Confirmation)



Name Rarity Description Ability How to Unlock Added
Pilgor Common Placeholder Charged Headbutt Default Base Game











Secret Missions:



Minigames are games within Goat Simulator 3 which can be unlocked and played in multiplayer. Upon unlocking these minigames, they can be played anywhere in the map
Minigames include:

Secrets/Easter Eggs


DLC or downloadable content, is content that is not part of the base game and is downloaded separately after purchasing it

Here is the criteria for an entry in DLC:

  • Description of the DLC, including release date, price, and description
  • When it was added or what adds it (DLC/Update)
  • How to unlock gear
  • Tips and strategies for utilizing goat gear effectively/fun tricks and glitches (Optional)

Digital Downgrade Edition/Digital Downgrade DLC

“The Digital Downgrade DLC brings unique remastered content from Goat Simulator DLC throughout history, and a couple of spicy new additions!” 2

The Digital Downgrade Edition and DLC were released November 17, 2022, and can be bought as a bundle with the base game as “Digital Downgrade Edition”, as well as a separate DLC called “Digital Downgrade DLC”. If you preordered the Digital Downgrade Edition, you would receive the Pre-Udder Digital Downgrade Edition which bundled the base game, Digital Downgrade DLC, and Pre-Udder.

Digital Downgrade Edition: $39.99
Digital Downgrade DLC: $12.99
Pre-Udder Digital Downgrade Edition: $39.99 (Unavailible)




  • Play as Old school Pilgor
  • Full Tank armour (MMO)
  • Goat Zero skin (GoatZ)
  • Space helmet & suit (Waste of Space)
  • Masks of Don Pastrami, Valentino Salami,
    Dolph Spaghetti & Humphrey Ciabatta (Payday)


Digital Soundtrack:

  1. Welcome to San Angora (Stuart Docherty)
  2. Tresspasser (Stuart Docherty)
  3. You’re Finally Awake (Stuart Docherty)
  4. DJ GEE-OH-8-TEE (Stuart Docherty)
  5. Too Hot to Trot (Stuart Docherty)
  6. Hill Billy Goat (Stuart Docherty)
  7. Radio Angora Medley (Stuart Docherty)
  8. TECH-NO (Stuart Docherty)
  9. Ring Piece (Stuart Docherty)
  10. Fikapaus (Santiago Ferrero)
  11. Goat Sim 3 - Electric Boogalee (Stuart Docherty)
  12. Goatwave (Stuart Docherty)
  13. Barn Social (Stuart Docherty)
  14. Reggae Goat (Stuart Docherty)
  15. The White Station (Stuart Docherty)
  16. I - Retro on Yo’ Ass (Stuart Docherty)
  17. II - Pilgor’s Destiny (Stuart Docherty)
  18. III - CyberGoat (Stuart Docherty)
  19. I’m Goin Home (Stuart Docherty, Victor Frydebo)

3D Printing Files:

  1. Pilgor
  2. Tony Shark
  3. Goat Tower
  4. Trinket

Pre-Udder Edition

The Pre-Udder Edition was released November 17, 2022, and was a bonus for preordering Goat Simulator 3. If you preordered the Digital Downgrade Edition, you would receive the Pre-Udder Digital Downgrade Edition which bundled the base game, Digital Downgrade DLC, and Pre-Udder. Neither editions are available anymore.
Was released with a trailer

Pre-Udder Edition: $29.99 (Unavailable)
Pre-Udder Digital Downgrade Edition: $39.99 (Unavailable)


  • The Pre-Udder


Updates are free additions or patches to the game which add new content and/or fix bugs. All patch notes can be found here

Major Updates

The Mandatory Holiday Update

“Ensure no NPC has a silent night with nine free festive items arriving today in Goat Simulator 3”

The Mandatory Holiday Update (Patch released on December 8th, 2022 and added many winter holiday themed goat gear.
Was released with a trailer and 10 Hours of Goat Christmas Fireplace


Players can look forward to getting their hooves on:

  • Lucia Crown – What could go wrong?
  • Santa Hat – A passive ability that makes snow fall only around the player
  • Christmas Sweater – Because even goats need at least one ugly Christmas jumper
  • Elf Hat – Give goats the power to throw snowballs!
  • Elf Tunic – Fashionable AND warm
  • Elf Shoes – We stan elves, ok?
  • Lights Machine Gun – This is pretty neat tho
  • Sack & Sleigh – Launch festive paper to wrap props and NPCs into presents. Yay
  • Menorah Horns – Happy Hanukkah!

Additional updates:

  • Christmas-themed menu with Mariah Carey singing in the background
  • The OST download now gives both music and 3D files
  • Players can now stand on top of each other (don’t try this irl)
  • Removed singing Mariah Carey from the menu because of copyright issues

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed subtitles being duplicated. I guess “better be safe than sorry” is not appreciated by everyone
  • Nametags not being visible in teleportation areas
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed a crash when initiating split-screen
  • Fixed a crash when updating activities

XSX specific:

  • Fixed a crash when leaving a lobby
  • Fixed a crash when resuming the game from suspension
  • Fixed a crash when a split-screen player leaves the game

Goat Simulator 3 x CATAN (April Fools)


“As many of you know, April Fools’ Day is very special for us on Sheep Simulator. On this day 9 years ago, we released Sheep Simulator 1 to the world. And last year our musical got to see the light for the first time.
While we don’t have any sheep jokes this year, we have updated the game a bit for ewe.”

The Goat Simulator 3 x CATAN April Fools Update or “Sheep Simulator” ( Patch was added on April 1st 2023 and was a joke update and crossover that added The Sheep From CATAN and fixed several bugs.
The update was released with a trailer


New Content:

  • Updated Pilgor’s wool

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the game logo

PS5 Specific:

  • Fixed a crash during the Boss Fight
  • Fixed a crash when accepting invites at game launch

Operation: Crackdown

Join San Angora’s first-ever egg hunt!
Spring is around the corner and the sunny side is finally up. Our first Easter update is here and what’s more synonymous with Easter than goats and eggs?
Let’s eggsplore what the fuss is about.”

Operation: Crackdown (Patch was released on April 5th, 2023 and added an Easter egg hunt and fixed several bugs
The update was released with a trailer


To keep the goat simulation as realistic as possible we’ve added 19 new gears (5 with abilities):

  • Slinger Saddle – Nobody’s riding you, you’re the one who knocks eggs
  • RadEars – Does this have anything to do with Daniel Radcliffe? Let’s find out
  • Walking Egg Shells – Sounds a lot like my childhood
  • Flappy Goat – Let’s reminisce about our favorite mini-game from Goat Simulator 1 and all the warm and fuzzy feelings it brought us
  • Bug Bunny – It’s on brand, that’s all I’ve got to say
  • Shellmet – Is it a shell? Is it a helmet? Is it both?
  • Unzipped Goat – Get your mind out of the goater, it’s not what you think it is
  • Hen Head – Los Pollos Hermanas Capra Edition©. Pair this with ‘Unzipped Goat’ for a match made in heaven
  • Turdle Ears – It’s all ogre now
  • Turdle Bandana – Even Axl Rose would be jealous of this
  • Turdle Shell – A shell for true ninja heroes
  • Turdle Skin – Skin is love, skin is life
  • Turdle Feet – Two-toes reptile slippers. A true fashion statement
  • Kärring Scarf – Scarfed for life
  • Kärring Dress – Evening dress worthy of Blåkulla
  • Brushy Hooves – It’s just as useless as it sounds like
  • Rubber Rooster head – Annoyance has a new face
  • Rubber Rooster suit – Enjoy that thick rubbery feel against your skin
  • Rubber Rooster feet – No need to claw your horns in

Additional updates:

  • Easter-themed menu
  • 1 new Easter Event
  • A special yet familiar and feathered surprise

Bug Fixes and updates:

  • Toggle on/off the tornado and container spawner. Albert, you can stop whining now. You can deactivate/activate them in the Goat Tower
  • Credit updates
  • Car Thief Micro Event shouldn’t be completed if you steal random cars
  • Christmas Holiday Gears can be found in the customization store for new players
  • Updated and fixed some sounds in the boss phases
  • Hidden events should only be visible on the map after completing it
  • There is now a hover animation on the social media button. It’s all about the little things folks
  • If a player leaves a mini-game the score will no longer be hidden if one player leaves during split screen
  • Fixed an issue where split-screen players weren’t fading out for the ending boss fight cut scene
  • Brendan Fraser finally got his Oscar. Whale-deserved
  • Fixed some replication issues with the gardener plant
    Fixed an issue with the Gardener Event that made the plants grow only after fertilizing it; now they will grow after you Baa. I wish it was that easy in real life, rip all my plants
  • Fixed an issue with the Satellite Gear that broke when you sucked in a player wearing crowns from King of the Hill Mini Game
  • Dilbo has a right leg now. God I read that wrong
  • The hole in Mount Doom that made the player jump out of the map is now filled. Let’s stop reporting this issue now ok?
  • Fixed teleportation issues with the Goat Towers
  • If you get handcuffed as an Abominana and transform the police into an Abominana while they grab you, you will no longer get flung out of the sky
  • The player will no longer become very stretchy when using the satellite gear while riding on another player
  • Are we all collectively in love with Pedro Pascal?
  • What is happening?! He’s so precious
  • Added ghost train noises to the secret train station
  • The lighthouse will no longer save the light-bulb state between sessions
  • You will now be able to turn the camera while controlling the UFO
  • Sometimes baby girl is a 48-year-old Chilean man
  • Charging as the Rhino Alt Goat in the Boss Fight will no longer get stuck making you charge out of the platform
  • Improved the scrollbar in the collectibles menu
  • Does anyone really know why we eat eggs during Easter? Such a weird thing. I don’t even like eggs, except for marzipan eggs. Oh dear heavens
  • We also have this annual tradition in Sweden where we get together, get wasted, scream chants, and then sacrifice crayfishes while wearing crayfish-themed clothes
  • Fixed a crash happening when remote players disconnect while using the brain wave gear
  • Fixed an issue where the Balloon Ride Instinct sometimes didn’t get triggered
  • Pls adopt me Pedro
  • Charged headbutt ability will now get canceled when opening the customization menu
  • Updated the description to the Plant a Seed Instinct for better clarification
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t Baa while being rag-dolled
  • Fun fact: did you know that goats can lay as many as five eggs at a time?
  • Fixed an issue where the “Farmtality” UI got stuck on the screen if a goat died during the boss fight
  • Fixed an issue where a player could never get unstuck after being handcuffed by the police

Minor Updates/Patches

Patch - December 13th, 2022

“What do these patch notes and my birthday have in common? They were both forgotten about.
Anyway, here are the patch notes for Dec 13th, 2022. A bit delayed but still slayed.”


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed elf hat crash when hitting NPCs. Time to knock some NPCs y’all
  • Fixed an issue with Christmas Lights cross-hair
  • Fixed snowman scaling not working in multiplayer
  • Fixed freeze caused by Abominana NPCs. I mean who wouldn’t freeze at that sight
  • Fixed rare crash related to a specific music track

PC specific:

  • Fixed a crash in the navigation system

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed HUD layout issues on PS5

Patch - January 11th, 2023

“Hope your Holidays were filled with goats and chaos!
We’re currently working hard to fix issues related to multiplayer that some of you are experiencing. We’re sorry if you are affected by this.”


Other updates:
We have removed the Christmas theme from the title screen, the Christmas assets are here to stay permanently tho, yaay.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a split-screen freeze when licking while traveling between levels. It is now ok to lick and travel
  • The counter when collecting Trinkets should now work properly. Goata catch ‘em all
  • Fixed sound crashes. The goaty music was too overpowered before, causing the game to crash

Patch - February 8th, 2023

“Yes, we have done some work. Here’s a new patch for ‘ya”


Bug Fixes:

  • Added additional popups when the game fails to load the world alongside the host, providing the user with additional details
  • Added Keanu Reeves as a playable character
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when putting a scarecrow NPC in the hair saloon chair
  • Fixed a timer crash that could happen with Santa Bag Gear
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when checking the login status
  • I’ve missed Brendan Fraser so much. Such a wholesome guy
  • Have u seen his new movie?
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the server replicated objects
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the player spawned actors using the Trident or Rubber Ducking goat gear
  • Gah this list is long
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when using specific invalid objects on bounceables
  • Pls add me on PSN
  • Fixed a rare crash inside the Music Manager that affected some players
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when the player used Abominana + Goat Queen + The Ark together, a.k.a. “the holy trinity”
  • The location of the lighthouse should now be correct when restarting the level after completion
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened when startling NPCs
  • Fixed a crash when Abominana Goo hit an invalid actor. I don’t even know what that is tbh
  • Removed Keanu Reeves as a playable character because we don’t want to get sued. This is why we can’t have nice things

Epic specific:

  • Updated EOS plugin SDK. Yeah I don’t what that means either but I guess it’s a good thing

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed a rare PS5 crash relating to pushing NPCs around. Time to do some pushing
  • Patched PS5 Online SDK to fix connection issues for some users running on a stricter NAT.
    “NAT” a problem anymore? *knock on wood *

XSX specific:

  • Times should now not cause OutOfMemory crashes. I also heard Omega-3 is good for your memory

Patch April 13th, 2023

“Who would’ve thought that eggs sometimes contain bugs?”


Bug Fixes:

  • Worked on a crash that appeared when opening the secret loot chest, it should not happen as often now. FYI this is a temporary fix and we will continue working on it. It should be completely done by next week
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes appear while using the Slinger Saddle Gear
  • When taking a yolk bath, you will always become the Feather Goat, even if you’ve already unlocked it. Taking a yolk bath… I wonder what that would feel like
  • When bouncing on the fried egg, the correct text will appear
  • Fixed clipping issues with the inverted goat suit, where the fur stuck out. Just a lil trim
  • Fixed an issue when cracking one of the eggs, a rubber duck sound would appear without the actual rubber duck. Quack quack
  • Fixed an issue where the compass would remain hidden after eggsiting the egg form
  • You can now headbutt the crackers you get from the Flappy Goat Egg
  • Ate some marzipan eggs
  • You will now hear a cracking sound after cracking the last Matryoshka egg. Oh?
  • After completing the first part of the Egg Crackdown event, you didn’t always get the notification about the second part of the event – that is now fixed
  • Swimming as an egg will now cause the egg to crack
  • Fixed some items from the Easter Update that had the wrong name
  • While wearing the Slinger Saddle, the bikes you lick will no longer feel heavy
  • Fixed the size and position of some of the gear pickups you get from the Egg Crackdown event
  • Drank a lot of coffee
  • Made Flappy Goat work better for clients and fixed some issues that could appear
  • Fixed an issue where the Flappy Goat Gear was incorrectly connected to instincts without being one. Little rascal
  • Fixed draw distances on the eggs that never disappeared when being out of view
  • Played video games obsessively during the Easter holiday. My back hurts now
  • Updated the camera sequence when starting the new Egg Crackdown event
  • Ate more marzipan eggs
  • Fixed some offset issues on the new cosmetic gears from the Easter event
  • Fixed a bug the Bug Bunny gear had where the glitch effect never disappeared when picking up another headgear. I mean it’s called Bug Bunny for a reason
  • Made myself a matcha latte
  • Fixed an issue that could happen while using the pressure plates to get the reward from the Egg Crackdown event
  • Questioning my life choices
  • Fixed an issue that made the Rubber Rooster Gear ‘squeak’ sound remain even after auto-equipping another gear
  • Maybe I should get a real goat?
  • The Feather Goat sign inside the yolk will no longer get duplicated when headbutting it
  • Credits update

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed a crash that happened every time a player hit a destructible trashcan. You won’t crash as much. Hopefully
  • Fixed wrong popup when joining an invite while in split screen and in the main menu
  • Fixed a controller vibration issue

XSX specific:

  • Fixed a crash that happened every time a player hit a destructible trashcan
  • Fixed a controller vibration issue. Let’s vibe ~

Patch - April 19th, 2023

“Howdy goats”


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the out-of-bounce issue, where players could for example swim out of the map without respawning. We have to think about your safety
  • Fixed the loot chest crash that could happen, now you should be able to open the chest without any problems. So glad to get that off my chest. Phew
  • Fixed a bug that made styles on gears (that has a style with different colors to choose from) reset to their original style after opening and closing the menu for clients

Patch - April 27th, 2023

“Another day, another slay”


New Content:

  • Removed the Easter-themed menu. ‘The Menu’ on Disney+ is a weird movie, you should check it out. IF you’re old enough
  • Removed the Easter-themed loading screens
  • Removed the pop-up of the Crack Down event that appears when starting the game during Easter
  • The Sheep Alt goat is moved to the store and will cost Karma to unlock
  • Catan Sheep has returned to its original owner after its vacation in San Angora! The Sheep Alt Goat is still there but with a new name

Bug Fixes:

  • If you enter the whale tummy after rescuing Billy from the zoo, you will find Billy and his family inside the whale. Finally reunited, what a joy
  • Players should now be able to complete the “Take a scenic route in the balloon cart” instinct. Just reading “Take a scenic route” sends chills down my spine now
  • Updated the shop menu to have a better sorting
  • Pedro Pascal is not on my FYP anymore. Sad
  • Fixed an issue the Damit Cannon had with the camera


A Goat - Fortnite


Goat Simulator 3 x CATAN




The Goat Simulator Community is spread out amongst many different platforms:

Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain North

Acknowledgements and Credits

Community members that have contributed so far:




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