Help convince Coffee Stain Studios to add these goats as future DLC for Goat Simulator 3

**Hello GoatSimulator3 forums

I am currently conducting a petition for a Goat Simulator 3 DLC proposal.The text below is the current petition that is up on the website. If you agree with the proposed goat DLC feel free support the petition with the link at the bottom.**

Coffee stain studios has blessed us with yet another hilarious over the top goat simulator videogame. As a veteran player who has played every goat simulator since the first one, the most appealing part of the game to me and my friends has always been the different mutations and goats that you can unlock to play as whether its a whale on land or a piece of toast .The skins always add to the chaos and overall enjoyment of the game.

I am creating this petition because Goat simulator 3 has just released and this is the perfect time for dlc requests before the studio moves on to other projects. I do not in anyway intend to tell Coffee Stain North what to do. My hopes are just that these goats eventually make there way into the game besides the studios content.Its better to take a chance at asking the studio for these additions directly instead of waiting for them to be potentiantially added to the game out of pure luck or even ever at all.

The following proposed goats would not only fit within the zany world of Goat Simulator but would also make great picks for the potential of their alternate coat styles for use within the customizaion system of GS3 as well as their adherance and cohesion in terms of goat simulators game mechanics and world setting.

  • Banana Goat ( Chimpanzee)- Coat options - Black / Brown / Orange
  • Cuddly Goat ( Grizzly Bear ) -Coat options Black / Brown / White
  • Exotic Goat ( Tiger) -Coat options - orange coat striped / white coat striped/ Dark panther
  • Rat Goat (Kangaroo )-Coat options- light brown / reddish brown

If you agree with this petition and see these goats as substantial additions to the game please support the petition so that Coffee Stain North and parent company Coffee Stain studios can potentially add them to the game seeing that enough people actually want these as future DLC.

*These goats are a starting point. If the campaign is succesful pontentially more petitions can be made with some of your suggestions message me and I will keep them in a log and tally them for the next petition if this one is successful.

You can support the petiton here at this link : Petition · Help convince Coffee Stain Studios to add these goats as future DLC for Goat Simulator 3. ·
we need a 100 signatures to get rolling

they said they wont add for some time