Goat Timeline (Unofficial)

After wasting precious minutes of my life playing this beautiful broken mess of a game, and getting stoked for GS3, I decided to look into this game, its world and so forth too much, and write a rough theory of the game’s timeline. Keep in mind this is exactly what it says on the tin and is not Coffee Stain canon.

The Goat Timeline:

Goat MMO:

Similar to how Age of Empires portrayed a digital retelling of the Roman empire, or how Sid Myer’s Civilzation encompassed years worth of important events in human history, we’re playing a MMO based upon a fictionalized retelling of when goats came to power in the middle ages - the developers in-universe obviously took some liberties to attract the rabid fantasy/RPG fanatics (I.E Dumbledoor the Grey or the goal of traveling up Goat Mountain to slay the Elder Goat).

Goat Simulator: Payday

In the present day, goats and various animals, while still obviously feral and mindless, somehow are able to blend in and have some knowledge of human society. The infamous heist led by animals leads to a revolt of the animals against humanity.


Distraught over the death of his beloved pet goat, Pilgor, a farmer spends years studying biology and the secrets of life to bring her back from the dead, meanwhile:

Goat Simulator:

The events of the original map are Pilgor’s adventures in purgatory. Notice how one or two NPCs react to your character, notice how death doesn’t really exist in this world, and of course, the two tunnels everyone pointed out five years ago.


Using a mysterious goop, the farmer is able to rise his beloved Pilgor from the dead - but he pays dearly for playing with life beyond his control. Pilgor starts to spread a deadly virus which zombifies the citizens of the town. Eventually, the survivors have no choice but to go up, which leads to:

Waste of Space:

WoS sees humanity migrated to space. Your goat survived the armageddon, and must grapple with interstellar life. Your goat, likely one of the only four hooved survivors of the events of Goatz was flying to join humanity somewhere out there when the game starts.

What about GS3?

From what I’ve seen, I can likely place GS3 between PD & Goatz in the middle of the revolt. I’ll need to see more game footage later on in the year and play it to see if my guesses were far off.

Feel free to add or make any corrections or additions below.


Haha, that’s fantastic Pdawgg. I love the idea of tying up all the DLC in some sort of narrative, you’ve done a great job considering how wacky and different they all are. The Goat world lends itself so well to storytelling.


One thing that confirms payday is before goatz and normal is because in payday you can spawn ufo’s and in goatZ and the normal one you can see crashed ufos


normal one?


but there is pilgor in wos we are pilgor in wos because it says something like good job pilgor in wos after an achievement


i saw a 4 hour video of goat sim 3 on youtube on ps5 but cant find it anymore maybe it was taken down so have this 24 minute one はちゃめちゃヤギゲー『Goat Simulator 3』ゲームプレイ - YouTube


i think GS3 could fit in and take the place of MMO, or it isnt connected or maybe kind of a remake of the purgatory in the base map. that, or gs3 is between mmo and PD and is just in mmo but more advanced things.
also you forgot city bay, and buck to school, but since you can go those places from the base game without switching dlcs by reaching city bay through the tunnels and buck to school from a school bus, i think they may still be in purgatory


Woah I didn’t see this topic. Thanks!