Welcome to Goat Simulator 3

So you’ve stumbled across the internet and found yourself here, at the official Goat Simulator 3 forum. How did you even manage to find… I mean welcome!
Are your friends also tired of you talking about goats all the time? Then this might be a good place for you to harass other goat-loving people with your endless talk about these furry chaotic creatures.

As much as we love chaos, we do need to have some rules for this forum to avoid it becoming complete udder mayhem.
– Be kind, respectful, and civil towards each other.
– Don’t swear too much. We want this to be a nice place for everyone.
– Keep in mind we have kids around here though so keep your NSFW thoughts on Tumblr or smth.
– Any kind of hate speech, discrimination, threats, bullying, or abuse will not be tolerated.
– Don’t post, discuss, or link to any illegal activities (piracy, drugs, etc.).
– Don’t post any advertisement or content that’s not related to the game.
– Don’t troll or spam.
– Don’t impersonate devs, mods, or other users.
– Don’t engage with trollers, simply ignore them or report them instead.
– Don’t let goats drive any type of vehicle IRL.


Are you serious about this?
– Have we ever been unserious about anything?

When was the game released?
– November 17, 2022.

What platforms are you on?
– PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

Will it come to PS4/Xbox One/Switch/Steam too?
– For now, the game will be released on the platforms mentioned in the answer above. But we’re considering future options as well.

Will the game support cross-play?
– Only in spirit. Might come in the future tho, but no promises.

Does it have multiplayer?
– Yass, for up to four goats.

Does it have mod support?
– Right now our focus is on the main game, but some kind of mod or creative modes might be looked into in the future.

Will Goat Sim 3 come to mobile?
– We’re considering it, but for now it will be released on the platforms that we have mentioned.

How much will it cost?
All your dabloons.

I’m in the US, where can I order the Goat in Box edition?
– Try amazon.de. They support worldwide shipping.
Note: PS5 editions are region locked, so a PS5 copy from Europe will not work on your console if you’re located in the US. Xbox/PC is NOT region locked, so that should work.

I don’t have a disc reader on my PC, will I still be able to play Goat Simulator 3 if I order the Goat in a Box edition?
– There’ll be a flyer with the Epic key as well. You don’t have to use the disc to install it.

Why is it called “Goat Simulator 3”? Why not “Goat Simulator 2”?
– I thought it was a typo?

Didn’t you announce a Goat Simulator musical?
– That wasn’t me, that was Patricia.


I can’t believe I just created an account on the Goat Simulator 3 forum. Well hello! :wave:


Why aren’t you releasing it on Xbox one and PlayStation 4? I really want to play this game. :frowning:


Well, you better buy a PC then! Joking, but I assume after the release, they will port the game to those platforms as well.


Is it going to be free


I don’t think so because it’s a very expensive game too make I presume


Can’t wait to play it


This looks so good and the new trailer was interesting with the farmer
I always love advancements in goat simulation technology


pretty sure it said ps5/series x/s and epic games store not last gen


It doesn’t say that in the trailer it just says
Coming in the fall to : PlayStation Xbox and epic games

But after looking more into it, it says on twitter ps5 Xbox x/s


do you plan to release it for moblie? (Android IPad E etc) and what is probably the day, month or year?


We’re considering it, but for now, it will be released on the platforms that we have mentioned.


Incredible, I can hardly believe I’m actually reading this. Well, I guess I’ve gotta go make sure I 100% Goat Sim on Steam before this releases, I’m already really hyped for this :goat:


Im wait its game, Baaaaa


Will there be a udder included in the pre udder edition? xd;)


Every time I talk, play or write about Goat I smile. Either that or my lithium dose is off again, haha. Happy to be here with my fellow Goat friends… goat heads, fans… buddies, who knows what we’re called haha.


Hey people! Nice to meet y’all! :goat:


Nice to meet you too


We need this


So on google it says it is on xbox one. Is this true or no? @goatsimulator3