Ps5 disc version not working

tried 2 different copies and both say ‘unsupported disc’ the ps5 is a basic disc drive model with no modifications or external drives, and every other disc i have works

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Same issue, brand new disk on Ps5. How to solve this ?

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I’ve tried 3 disc from gamestop and they all have the same error message. Disc not supported on PS5. (Yes, these are all PS5 discs). I’ve found many other sites and Reddit threads complaining about the same issue. None of the suggestions worked.

Did you manage to get it to work? Otherwise, send us a dm

No luck, I’ve tried it on 2 other PS5s and did not work on them either.

Can you also help with how to DM? I navigated to a page with a “contact us” and envelope icon, but it wasn’t a clickable link.

On instagram

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Or twitter

send us a mail at “”


Exact same issue, are the disc batches faulty? Can get it to install on my PS5 after a few tries (uninstalled game, cleared cache, started in safe mode, etc.) but system doesn’t recognize the disc once installed. Shame, kids and I were looking forward to playing this.