I can buy goat simulator but it says not playable on device

I am using Xbox S

Only new gen consoles as the Xbox series S|X and ps5

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I have the same problem. I purchased a physical PS5 copy and I’m trying to play it on my PS5. Kinda aggravating.

Could you send a picture of the series s you have?

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its not a saving up problem i am getting it if i get good exam grades and i have never had a console before too

i might get it i’m also going to boarding in a few months don’t think i can bring it there but i could use it when i come back on holiday

Well, my wife found a buyer at her work but they wanted my machine on the same day, so now I dont have a console to play on Thanksgiving. Now Im saving up for my X. Maybe by Christmas.
Good luck

Are you sure you aren’t confusing it with an Xbox One S…?

That’s what I think too

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xbox one s is a different thing

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Yeah so I’m assuming WALKERNATER is confusing the consoles as they have similar names and I’ve not heard anything about the Xbox Series S not being able to play a game X can


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can you please send a picture of your Series S?

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Same issue for Ps5 disk edition. Is it fixable or just money down the drain.

I’m pissed because it was a Christmas gift to play with my son and i’m here writting about this instead of playing. Never saw this in my 30+ years of gaming.