Game has crashed

My sons game has crashed after 2 days on the PS5 and we have tried everything. Anyone got a clue what we should do plz

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Tried all of that nothing worked

You might wanna join the Discord and send a message in the channel #pc_and_consoles - Troubleshooting is easier via Discord and the community is quite active over there.

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I have this same issue. PS5 digital version of the game. I own 2 consoles and have the same crashing issue on both consoles. On one of the consoles I can play for a session but if I close and try to play again it always crashes at the dev logo. I can delete the save file and play again and then the process repeats.

On my other console, I get the first screen with the 3 goats and then an immediate crash. I can’t play it at all on that console.

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The only solution I found was to delete my save game