Xbox one error - game incompatible

Does anyone have a solution for the error saying the game is incompatible? I got the game as a gift for someone and the gift code is recognised but it cancels installation immediately and says ita only compatible with xbox x/s. The xbox is an xbox s so it should work fine. I’ve tried clearing the cache, a hard reset and removing the cables. I’ve also tried leaving it for a while and retrying later on. Can anyone help?

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I have the exact same problem with my
Xbox One x it just says incompatible and stops the download.

PLS Help

Microsoft website says:

That the game (goat simulator 3) is playable on any version of the Xbox One

This ∆ was published by the creators of goat sim 3


There is no such thing as an “Xbox S” please specify whether it is an Xbox One S or an Xbox Series S, as the game cannot be played on any version of the Xbox One or PS4.

Goat Simulator 3 is not available on any version Xbox One, you need a current gen console.

This is what is says on the Microsoft website

Well that message always displays, unfortunately the game still isn’t available on Xbox One, the devs have said so themselves. They are considering porting it later, but no guarantees.


The Xbox one s is unsupported hardware no matter what you do it will not work there is at this time no Xbox one S version available, ports are being considered but nothing is set in stone

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It won’t work no matter what if it says it’s incompatible that means you have the wrong console

At the time being, GS3 is only available on PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.