Wont install on xbox one s even though i have a series s

I have an xbox series one s. Bought the right version and it still wont download due to incompatibility issues

its not on one s

only series s

There’s no such thing as an Xbox Series One S. There is an Xbox One S and an Xbox Series S. The Xbox One and it’s other iterations are old gen, and aren’t compatible with Goat Simulator 3. You need a new gen console such as the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

so by series one s he means one s

do you have this

or do you have this @Nielsen295


XBOX has a line of consoles with an S, but they are not in anyway the SERIES S that one is a totally different console.

Sorry for the pain this name has brought to you, that’s why I refer to the series s as “Xbox S 2020” not as catchy but it does the job

Please try to issue a refund for the game or buy a “Xbox S 2020”