Can’t play goat simulator on my Xbox?

After trouble shooting, I was able to buy goat simulator. However it says it’s not playable on this device. I know it is and it’s a bug people are experiencing, but I can’t figure out how to fix it. Has this problem happened to any of you? If so, how did you fix it?

What kind of Xbox are you using? An Xbox One or an Xbox Series S/X? If it is an Xbox One, an Xbox One S, or and Xbox One X, you cannot play the game. You must have a current gen console.


Like @TheColorW said you must have a 2020 or later to play it on xbox and PlayStation

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Why repeat what they said

To confirm that it’s not just one person saying it, having more than one can help convince some people who don’t believe that it’s not available on old gen

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@TheColorW makes grate statement so I back it up

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