Goat Simulator is leaving Xbox and PC Gamepass on 03/15/2023



Good thing I bought for steam recently

I now have goat sim on 3 platforms (4 if you count mobile)

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Wait your not a moderator anymore?

yea what happend

Why arent you a moderator anymore?
Oh, sorry to hear that bro, what a pitty…

Sorry forgot to respond to all of this, no I’m not, Munin came back and I’m younger than desired. It’s all good though, I don’t mind.

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Okay! I´m happy you don´t mind! But don´t worry, you´ll someday be…

Probably not, but i honestly don’t mind at all, I’m just here to help.

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Great, I appriciate! You´re such a nice person!!! :goat_love: :goat:

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I also always trying to help eventhough I´m rookie haha.:goat:

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