Serious problems with ps5 multiplayer

As many are commenting, the goat simulator multiplayer is broken (in the case of ps5).

Basically you can join the lobby of your friends, but once you start the game a network error appears and it kicks you out without any sense.

We have spent more than two days trying to understand the problem, but we have not come to any kind of logical conclusion. It’s an internal game problem.

I hope you are already looking at it and will fix it as soon as possible…

I would not like to ask for a refund (:slight_smile:)

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The most common reason is that you have not enabled port forwarding on your router for the PS5

Also make sure that all the players have the latest version of the game.

Hi, thanks for replying!
We both have port forwarding enabled on the PS5 and it keeps crashing. And we already have the newest version of the game

we don’t know what else we have to do to be able to play together

I’m absolutely dreading getting on to PlayStation chat to seek the refund. Coffee Stain pushed multiplayer big time, which was the reason we bought the game, and it’s becoming clear there’s no intention to fix this. The same copy/paste solution I’ve seen elsewhere on here and Reddit gives me little hope it’s even being looked into.

I’m sure their hands are full and the game looks great. Seriously kudos to them. But it’s not worth full price when the key feature doesn’t work.

Do you get any error code when it’s crashing?

No, there is only one message that says, network error

We can get as far as inviting the other. The invited goat drops into the main menu screen and lasts for about five or so seconds before getting booted back out. No error messages, no attempts to load into the gameplay. He drops in, stays for a few seconds, and flies back up. It’d be comical if it wasn’t frustrating.

If one of us accepts the invite while in gameplay only that one can see the menu before getting booted back out.

I don’t know if it’s mistaking online for couch co op but we’ve tried everything. We each select the online option. We’ve created new games. We’ve tried the suggestions here. I’m not sure what’s left to try.

yep, exactly

I totally agree with you. It would be a shame if the definitive goat simulator title was ruined by a multiplayer malfunction.

And with all my heart, I hope this does not happen.
You have left us a title of 10 for lovers of this franchise, it is literally everything we had wanted for the resurrection of this title, and I do not want to see one of the titles that I was looking forward to this year, go to waste.

Like it or not, the goat simulator multiplayer is the heart of the game. And it has to be taken care of/improved.

And I won’t rest until this “bug” is fixed