PS5 multiplayer issues

Hello peeps,
We know some of you have had issues with multiplayer on PS5 and we’re looking into it (and have been doing so the entire weekend).

During our troubleshooting, we found that the no.1 reason for the problem is that players have not enabled port forwarding on the router for the PS5. If you and your friends have enabled it, and it still doesn’t work, let us know in this thread.

Please describe what is happening as explicitly as you can and if you’re getting any error codes. The more information we can get, the more quickly we can find the source of the problem.
This is for PS5 users only. If you’re on PC/Xbox, don’t reply in this thread. We’re gonna make a separate topic for you if needed.


My friend and i got exact the Same issues.
When i Join him sometimes the Game Show His Goat in the title Screen Sometimes Not. It doestn mater that he is in Game or not. Except that the First try to Join His Lobby when we startet the Game new, I stay im his Lobby until He Start the Game. The time until i get kickt out from the Lobby variates from 3-15 Seconds.

How about the fact that discs won’t even load on our PS5?

I’ve got the same issue. Me and my son are unable to connect to game without getting “Lost connection to the party host”.

We are both on the same network so port forwarding won’t help. I bought the game on launch day and it was working fine then, so something is affecting the connection after this.

What router are people using to play? I am using a Virgin Hub 5 if that helps

finally fix the multiplayer, we are going to the lobby normally and after loading the level “communication with the organizer is lost”