Patch Notes

Hope your Holidays were filled with goats and chaos!

We’re currently working hard to fix issues related to multiplayer that some of you are experiencing. We’re sorry if you are affected by this.

Other updates:
We have removed the Christmas theme from the title screen, the Christmas assets are here to stay permanently tho, yaay.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a split-screen freeze when licking while traveling between levels. It is now ok to lick and travel
  • The counter when collecting Trinkets should now work properly. Goata catch ‘em all
  • Fixed sound crashes. The goaty music was too overpowered before, causing the game to crash

There’s a glitch with the eggplant skin for the abominana where there’s weird yellow lines in the mouth

Thanks! So glad I can lick while I travel now. Hope you all had fun over the holidays and we all look forward to whatever happens this year! And if you add nothing just say you made air more airy.