Patch Notes for Dec 13th, 2022

What do these patch notes and my birthday have in common?
They were both forgotten about.

Anyway, here are the patch notes for Dec 13th, 2022. A bit delayed but still slayed.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed elf hat crash when hitting NPCs. Time to knock some NPCs y’all

  • Fixed an issue with Christmas Lights cross-hair

  • Fixed snowman scaling not working in multiplayer

  • Fixed freeze caused by Abominana NPCs. I mean who wouldn’t freeze at that sight

  • Fixed rare crash related to a specific music track

PC specific:

  • Fixed a crash in the navigation system

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed HUD layout issues on PS5

Happy bleat-ed birthday! :goat_love: :confetti_ball:

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Happy baarthday! :goat: :birthday:


Happy Birthday :goat: :birthday:


oh you guys!!! :goat_sad:
THANK YOU :goat_bless: :birthday:

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