Operation Crackdown is a go on Mobile! v. (mobile)

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It seems like the easter bunny arrived early this year :rabbit2:
Operation Crackdown is finally on mobile too. What a dream.

New Content/Update:

  • All issues and additions that were fixed for Steam have been added to Mobile
  • The Operation Crackdown Update we released last year for PC and Console is now out on mobile too

Mobile-specific Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when charging your headbutt. Had to tone down the headbutt power a bit
  • Fixed a crash when trying to baa
  • Fixed a rare crash with particles
  • Fixed a rare crash when grinding
  • Fixed being unable to obtain the frat desk gear. Where my frat boys at?

Android Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where the additional download assets sometimes get stuck
  • Abominana is now yellow instead of grey. Guys, it was just unripe

iOS Specific:

  • Fixed physics-related crashes

v. (mobile)

All Patch Notes are from Helena on the discord with some minor formatting modifications to adapt it to the forum.

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