Holiday Update/Patch Notes


Ensure no NPC has a silent night with nine free festive items arriving today in Goat Simulator 3

Players can look forward to getting their hooves on:

  • Lucia Crown – What could go wrong?
  • Santa Hat – A passive ability that makes snow fall only around the player.
  • Christmas Sweater – Because even goats need at least one ugly Christmas jumper.
  • Elf Hat – Give goats the power to throw snowballs! Build snowmen by throwing multiple snowballs on the ground.
  • Elf Tunic – Fashionable AND warm.
  • Elf Shoes – We stan elves, ok?
  • Lights Machine Gun – This is pretty neat tho.
  • Sack & Sleigh – Launch festive paper to wrap props and NPCs into presents. Yay
  • Menorah Horns – Happy Hanukkah!

Additional updates

  • Christmas-themed menu with Mariah Carey singing in the background
  • The OST download now gives both music and 3D files
  • Players can now stand on top of each other (don’t try this irl)
  • Removed singing Mariah Carey from the menu because of copyright issues

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed subtitles being duplicated. I guess “better be safe than sorry” is not appreciated by everyone
  • Nametags not being visible in teleportation areas
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed a crash when initiating split-screen
  • Fixed a crash when updating activities

XSX specific:

  • Fixed a crash when leaving a lobby
  • Fixed a crash when resuming the game from suspension
  • Fixed a crash when a split-screen player leaves the game

Merry Chrysler!

Watch the Holiday Update Trailer here:


Thx, lovey update


It’s beautiful :goat_love: How long will this update be available?
Edit: also is there any chance we will get the music from the trailer on the soundtrack?