Recent Patch Notes Feb 21-22 2024 (all platforms)

Please note I am not affiliated with Coffee Stain North or the development of Goat Simulator 3 in any way, and am just relaying info from official sources

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For the console gang

New Content/Update:

  • All issues and additions that were fixed for Steam are now added for console as well. Hey better late than never

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with controllers becoming unresponsive while navigating the main menu
  • Issues were players could not rejoin a party because they were considered kicked. Simulation is simulating
  • Issues were players would be waiting to join the host for a long time before being disconnected

XSX + Windows PC Specific:

  • Achievements texts updated


Here we go again (PC)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the client couldn’t hear the server’s music coming from the Leaky Headphones gear
  • The “Logged in as” field in the friend’s menu works better now. Hopefully
  • A player who was in a split-screen session couldn’t accept invitations to multiplayer sessions
  • Privacy settings should now work correctly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

EGS specific:

  • Fixed an issue with the friend’s list button where you couldn’t sign in or out from Epic Games
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when removing the Goat Simulator game from the linked apps in Epic
  • The friend’s list should now update correctly

v. (mobile)

Baa baa mobile patch

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several crashes

Android Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where instincts are not saved properly
  • Improved the asset downloading when first starting

All Patch Notes are from Helena on the discord with some minor formatting modifications to adapt it to the forum.

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