V. Patch Notes (Xbox & PC)

Please note I am not affiliated with Coffee Stain North or the development of Goat Simulator 3 in any way, and am just relaying info from official sources

A lil patch for the PC and console gang


  • Removed the anniversary menu – it’s baack to its original form. Don’t worry, all in-game anniversary additions are still in there and will not disappear
  • This version includes a fix to the radar widgets for WinGDK/XSX. I have no idea what this means


All Patch Notes are from Helena on the discord with some minor formatting modifications to adapt it to the forum.

All news, updates, and patch notes are available to be viewed on the Official Site !

Apologies for being so late and missing a few, I’ve had a busy few weeks :sweat_smile:
(Unfortunately AP Macro had to come first :pensive:)