Moved Patch Notes & Support

Hello goat fans :goat_love:

To make it easier for you to find patch notes and the support tab (with FAQs etc.), we have decided to move them to the header on the landing page instead of posting them here.
As someone pointed out, we released a new patch today that you can read about in the new patch notes tab.
If you think this idea sucks and it was better before, let us know!

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This is really helpful to those who don’t know this exists, I may also recommend putting it here and on social media like Twitter, for those who didn’t even realize there was a patch on that day. Also thank you for adding a support page, that is very helpful to link to if people have a question now. :goat_bless_love:

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Thank you for your feedback. We post patch notes on our Discord and Reddit, maybe we should give a heads-up on Twitter as well.
No problem! I hope you find it useful :goat_bless:

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Also this is beautiful.