Host Connection lost PS5

I would like my money back please, it is not possible to play multiplayer on the PS5. Since this makes up a large part of the gaming experience, I don’t think the full price is justified. In these circumstances, a legally relevant and actionable violation has occurred. I kindly ask for a quick clarification.

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they are working on it, i advise you to keep the game

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and also turn on port forwarding on buth your router and the router of whoever else you are playing multiplayer with

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that shouldn’t be an issue since no other game requires it. I know that isn’t the issue because me and my friend are on the same router.

Sony won’t even partially refund even though a huge chunk of this game is unplayable (both the multiplayer specific games and just doing stuff with a friend overall in the world). Coffee Stain insists it’s a router issue when clearly it’s something they need to fix in the game itself. Nothing has been said about it for about a week while I keep seeing people posting the same issue. It’s hard to not feel somewhat lied to and ripped off.

Thirty dollars doesn’t break my bank but it’s still frustrating nonetheless. Lesson learned with this developer.

Hi @BrianH20

Please keep in mind that In development a whole week is almost nothing give them some time

Coffee stain is a huge company but coffee stain north is just a little part of that. They don’t have thousands of employees as for example an Ubisoft to fix these things in a week

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That’s fine. The heart of my post still stands: nothing has been said about this for about a week other than them saying the number one problem is the player’s router. Transparency would be nice…are they done looking into it and that’s the problem (for some)? Or is this something they’re still actively working on? Some confirmation one way or another would go a long way.

I know context doesn’t come off well online and I’m not trying to be antagonistic. I’m wholeheartedly ready and willing to recommend this game to anyone once multiplayer is fixed. What I’ve played is a blast. Yet I know I’m missing out on the main reason we bought this, which was for multiplayer.

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