More Seasonal content? DLC?

I had this game pre ordered. Been waiting for it to release for years. Own the original on console and ios. Theres a map thats only released on ios? A Christmas map. Its amazing. Im your number one fan . Would love to see mmo remastered and things of that nature. Please?!?! I know covid kinda hurt alot of development in games but hey here we are.

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They may have DLCs soonish and they may be MMO themed but it takes a lot of time so it may be awhile. Smaller seasonal updates like the mandatory holiday update will probably come out every so often.

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Goat Simulator MMO 2 (or 3?) would be awesome!

the christmas dlc was in all of the platforms but its a secret entrance, to get to it in goat sim mmo near the spawn there is a sleigh go in that you reach there

I’ve played on Xbox since it came out and can confirm that is it not on Xbox, it is a mobile exclusive.

my friend said he did it before, its not a seperate dlc but a part of mmo, just like lover fair. But i’m not sure how good of a source my friend is so i could be wrong

Yeah I looked it up as well and found nothing, the wiki calls it a mobile exclusive as well.