#FindBilly --- bring back our beloved blubberball

As some heroic goats have already achieved, Billy the whale was freed from the confined prison of the San Angola Zoo and released unto the great sea as a freed animal, only to be swallowed by an even bigger whale. I was heartbroken. I felt as if all my cheer and happiness for Billy, a gorgeous creature with his whole existence ahead of him, was instantaneously squashed as I watched him be dragged beneath the sea.
I adopted a quest to rescue Billy a second time. He was worth risking my life for. So I confronted the colossal sea beast and threw myself down into his gullet. But Billy was nowhere to be found amidst the lowly community of humans also gulped down. Where had he gone? Was he okay? Had he managed to free himself? Am I inside the wrong whale? Grief invaded my mind, I believed that I would never see my precious whale friend again.
And so I’m here now, as a desperate goat facing almighty loss. I beg of the developers to return Billy to me. I want to visit him, even if I have to travel down a whale’s gullet to do so. He was all that I had in a world of people who couldn’t understand. We understood each other. No matter how many gather and cheer when I perform various gymnastics in the street, no matter how many fireworks I launch into police vehicles, none of it compares to the happiness I shared with Billy the whale in our brief time together.

Goats of all heights, hats, and hooves, we have to band together and chant the name of Billy so that he may find his way back to us. I will not allow for his name to be forgotten.
Coffee Stain, hear us and grant our only wish. Let Billy be found. It is all that my heart longs and weeps for.

In loving memory. Forever in our hearts until we hear his call again.


yea billy

Poor Billy, hope that he comes again :whale:

bring billy again and make us see that nothing can´t stop this beautifull whale