Disappearing Billy

In the midst of the #FreeBilly quest, Billy was firmly attached to my tongue and was being dragged toward all the freedom the ocean had to offer. As I jumped over the fence near the Tall Goat enclosure, Billy got hung up on something, and I sadly appeared outside the walls alone, with nothing hanging from my tongue save a few tortured tastebuds. I went back inside the zoo to reacquire my aquatic companion, but, alas, he was nowhere to be found. How does one lose a giant cube-shaped Orca? I have been all over the area, and Billy is nowhere to be found. Yet the quest is still active.

Has anybody else had this issue?

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Update: I found poor Billy. Apparently, what happened was when I went over the fence and Billy got hung up, the elastic nature of my tongue was so great that, when released, Billy was slingshot nearly all the way over to Mornwood Falls.

Once I found him, I got him to the sea and allowed him to fulfill his destiny. However short that was.


Ouch that’s sad. Sometimes Billy can go under the map so it’s good that it only weren’t to Mornwood Falls! But thanks for bringing attention to the #FreeBilly quest! I have done a post to! Also @Nebulix has and loads of other people!