Goat Idea That Won't Leave My Mind Long Story Short BILLY!

There Should Be A Billy Goat , The Way To Unlock Him Would Be When He Disappears From The Beast’s Stomach/Mouth, Or Just Some Other Billy Type Quest. Maybe As An Ability, He Could Flatten Things Because He Is A Little Cube Guy ,Or Possibly He Could Shoot Fish , Or He Could Even Trap People In A Cell To Show Them The Trauma He Went Through. It Is Discrimination For All The Other Zoo Animals To Be Playable And Billy Not To Be Playable. I Stay Up Every Night Thinking Because Billy Isn’t Playable, Or At Least Just Free Him Instead Of Making Him Disappear #FreeBilly Please Billy Answer Me.


First off, I can’t tell if you’re joking about the you stay awake at night thinking about Billy. I hope you’re joking

Secondly, I love that idea. That’s SO cool. I would love to play as Billy

Thirdly, Trauma… is a bit to strong maybe experience is better.

Cool idea though! You should message Pilgor.
Or @goatsimulator3! This is such a cool idea though

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