Crazy story suggestion

Hello, this is me again! So, i thought a lot, about what we could see in sequel, specially in the story side. So, here goes my suggestion:
First of all, if the game will have some type of the story, why not adding the karma system, like in inFamous series? If the player will act less violently, he will be given a Hero status, that will give specific powers and good ending. Or, if player will go nuts, he will be given a Beast status, that will also give specific powers, but in the end, you will have a bad ending. But in the other hand, we all like GS(Goat Simulator) because of the chaotic atmosphere, so can just add an Hero goat and Evil goat as the mutations.
Ok, moving on to the next topic: mini bosses and bosses. Why not? We already had them in MMO dlc, so let’s add them in the sequel! But make them more dynamic, add some absolute banging ost and give them, like, quick time event or something. Ok, now about the endings. You can add a good and bad ones,like i already mentioned, but you also can add secret ending, that will unlock after 100% completion of the game. Secret cutscene, secret message or mutation, there so many things that can be given after secret ending, but its all up to you.
I admit, all things that i said may sound too serious for the GS,but why not? And besides, its only a suggestion,only developers can choose what they will do with it. And talking about developers, i, again, wish all the best to you!
And before i finish, here’s some easter eggs that i would like to see in the game:
Dead by daylight easter egg, Metal gear rising easter egg, JoJo bizzare adventure easter egg and Tekken easter egg.
Once again, i wish all the best for the developers and for all GS fans!

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