My dlc but updated

Hi! I think a few ppl read my original dlc idea, but i think that it needed updates, so here i am! My updated dlc name…

The memoirs of pilgor!
I have asked myself a few questions about goat sim 3 (if u hate spoilers i advise u to not read the second question)
Why is pilgor so chaotic?
What if the farmer was wrong? What if there are multiple galaxys?
Who are the goats who join you in multiplayer? (I know they are ur friends in real life but i mean as goats)
All those questions are answred! CONTENT:
Whole new story
New map
New events
New basicly everything
Furnture gatcha they are like relics in the dlc furniture gatchas are hidden in hard to reach places. Use them to decorate your goat tower! There is a furnture gatha machine next to ur to tower but the gatcha around the map have rare furniture that u cant get by the mchine
New random room where u can start or join a room and anyone can come in
Puzzles that can only be solved by certain goat gears
A new boss (wait, what?)
I would love to tell u more but the rest is top secret! If coffee stain wants to know the top secret stuff then ill send it to them by Message. Please ur ideas in the comments! THank u!

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I suport any and all community ideas so lets hope your ideas will come to life

Cool, but what are “gatchas”?

They are normaly little japanese toys that come in spherical capsules from a machine.