Ideas for the game

This is a place you can post all of your ideas for adding things to the game, such as new gear, new abilities for existing gear, events or even the map! Coffee stain north might actually add one of these in a future DLC!


One of my ideas is put in a sets page in the gear menu to save all of the gear you are wearing.

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The inventory from Goat MMO, the top hat ain’t the same man…


Yeah I’d love to have the inventory goat back in some way


titanic boat that sinks and human characters that look like jack dawson and rose dewit bukater, to me the game is good but this in my opinian will mke it better

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Id love to see an iron man goat, like the jetpack but perhaps more intense? We have the captian america shielf, this would be a good edition
(Edit) what i meant is that its power would be like the jetpack, just more powerful

Idea for iron man goat: You can fly quickly for about 30 seconds but you need to recharge for 15 seconds after. Just an idea.

We have fire. 3 more to go.
Water idea: If you exit water, you can shake people within 10 seconds and make water drip all over them.
Earth idea: Idk, still thinking
Air idea: If the tornado is in the same part of the map as you, your headbutts are stronger

yeah the water idea is pretty good, absoultely drench the npc’s :joy:

Something that trows exploding projectiles or fire