Strange easter egg suggestion

Well, we all remember those bizzare easter eggs from original goat sim. Like deadgoa7 or ninga turtles, and other stuff. So, i suggest to make a easter egg about Yakuza series. Like, add 2 secret mutations: The Goat of the Dojima and The Mad Goat of Shimano (reference to Kiryu Kazuma (The Dragon of Dojima) and Goro Majima (The Mad dog of Shimano). Or you can add a location like Dojima family HQ or Millennium Tower. Or you can just ignore this, lol idk.

But besides that, i wish you only the best guys! I absolutely love goat simulator series, and i can’t wait to see the part 3(2)! Don’t rush yourself and always listen to your heart! The game will be great and i know it! Wish you best luck!


good idea, I would like to see such an easter egg :+1:

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Indeed a good idea! Thank you for that and for your kind words :heart:

Love & Chaos,


How about a goat that has the Flash suit on? It could grant them ridiculous amounts of speed and could possibly have a different sounding bleat, where it’s sped up to a high pitched whine?

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