Best Game of Coffee Stain North

Wich is the best game of Coffee Stain North?

Well it’s only A”A Story about My Uncle” which I’ve never played, some GS1 DLCs which aren’t games and Goat Simulator 3 which I have played so it’s GS3.

on mobile you can get the dlcs without having the main game and theyre all separate apps

Ok and thanks

goat simulator 2


what do you mean by that? I don´t get it

It’s a joke

ahhhhhhh ok don´t worry.:blush:

I don’t know man I kinda like goat simulator -1.5


You don´t like Goat Sim 3 anything at all, because with that punctuation seems to…

And if you give a -1.5 why are you at the forum if you don´t like Goat Sim?

No @Xalo is joking that their favorite is Goat Simulator 1.5 because @goatsimulator3 (the devs) joked that the nonexistent Goat Simulator 2 was their favorite. The original Goat Simulator was not made by Coffee Stain North (it was made by Coffee Stain Studios, North is a different part of the company) so 1.5 is between 1 and 2.

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1.5 means DLC’s? some dlcs were made by Coffee Stain North

OK! sorry I didn´t understand it.:blush::wink::smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Yeah your completely right

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