10th Anniversary Update! v.

Please note I am not affiliated with Coffee Stain North or the development of Goat Simulator 3 in any way, and am just relaying info from official sources

Happy Birthday Pilgor! :birthday:

Hey, it’s not every day you turn 10. Let’s celebrate Pilgor’s birthday with an anniversary update.
We just know you’ve always dreamt about having a big cake on your head, hanging around with the OG NPCs from Goat Simulator 1, and listening to that old banger from 2014 that scratches your brain sooo good.

Cheers to milking this goat for the last 10 years and cheers to another 10!

New Content/Update:

  • 1 new event: A mysterious crack in spacetime has appeared in Suburbsville! Hopefully it’s not a butt crack
  • A blast from the past. The OG NPCs from Goat Simulator 1 are back as Alternative Goats. Passive ability: Changes the music to the original Goat 1 music to really take you back to 2014
  • 10-Year Birthday Cake headgear
  • Additional styles to the ‘Party Hat’ gear
  • Updated the Main Menu to celebrate Pilgor’s 10th birthday

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed the extra waypoint marker that accidentally appeared when setting a waypoint
  • The instincts categories are moved back to be in the correct order again
  • Fixed some issues with the name tag, where the name could be inconsistent in the friends list and in a party

Steam Specific:

  • Fixed more cases where a black screen could appear. I’m having nightmares about this bug
  • Fixed an issue where players without a linked Epic account couldn’t see their profile picture in the friends list and party menu

XSX Specific:

  • Fixed issues with starting split-screen using multiple controllers
  • Fixed wrong pop-up appearing when starting split-screen while in-game

Game Pass/MS Store:

  • Fixed wrong pop-up appearing when starting split-screen while in-game. Yes, here too

Watch the Anniversary trailer here: https://youtu.be/cp2B5pzm_kE


All Patch Notes are from Helena on the discord with some minor formatting modifications to adapt it to the forum.

All news, updates, and patch notes are available to be viewed on the Official Site!


Happy 10th Anniversary @goatsimulator3! Thank you all for working so hard every update and can’t wait to see what you guys have been cooking up with the racing update and first DLC!

(Was originally making something to celebrate this milestone but it ended up being more ambitious than I originally thought so it’s being pushed back to an unknown date :eyes:)

Also I think that giving Old School Pilgor the same ability as the GS1 NPCs could be a cool idea!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Goat Simulator!!! :tada:


Oooooh I gotta boot up Goat Simulator 3 for the first time in awhile thx for the update!

And happy bday


I would love to but I can’t! It’s not on the App Store for me :cry:


Happy birthday goat simulator 3! Thanks for all the years of enjoyment from me and my kids, we are very excited for the upcoming DLC! :goat_love:


:bangbang:Happy tenth anniversary :bangbang:

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Also what the heck could you be working on for this that is big enough that it needs to be pushed back :skull:

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You will see eventually
(Assuming I ever finish it :sob:)

Happy Anniversary!!! I’m looking forward to spelunking around this ‘crack’ :goat::squid:

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