To everyone who left Goat Simulator 3 a one star review, because they bought it for their Xbox One or PS4, only to realize it’s exclusive to next-gen consoles

The Coffee Stain Devs have advanced the goat simulation so far that they skipped to 3. To simply put it, even if Coffee Stain did port it, it just wouldn’t be the true goat experience that we all fantasized about. To truly take advantage of the latest technology in goat simulation, you have to move on, learn, and upgrade. Because without all the advancements it would JUST be another Goat Simulator. Sincerely some guy who forgot to pre-order the goat in a box edition.

I already proved my point but here’s the actual review that triggered me to make this mini rant. I would’ve shown a lot more but I’m a new user. You can see the rest of the reviews on the Microsoft Store.

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but, it is on the xbox 1 s???

no it isnt

It is not on the Xbox One S or any other kind of Xbox One. It is only on the Xbox SERIES S and X

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