The game won't open on pc [potential fix found]

The game doesn’t open, epic games just says ‘running’ but nothing comes up but I see it in task manager.
I have tried most of the common fixes like disabling antivirus, verifying files, restating pc, reinstalling the game, reinstalling epic games etc but nothing seems to work.

bro same i really need help with this

Well, It is the same as last time, I just refunded the game, not going to spend time trouble shooting this game.

I have found a fix that works for me. Change the properties of the .exe to match these settings:

The two .exe are in
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GoatSimulator3
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GoatSimulator3\Goat2\Binaries\Win64

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This fix worked for me, thank you.

Edit: Now I get an error code when the game loads, “Login failed with error: EOS_INVALIDAUTH”

Edit2: Went into settings and linked epic games account and no longer get the error upon launching.

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