Goat Sim 3 not launching on Epic Games Store

(Credit to whoever came up with this)

Go into your epic games library, locate goat simulator 3 and click the three dots, click on manage game then next to the “installation” row there should be a little file button that will take you to the game folder.

Once you’re in the folder right click on Goat2.exe and in the dropdown menu select “troubleshoot compatibility”. This will open a troubleshooter which will take you through some steps. It probably won’t work the first time but when it gives you the option check the box marked “this program worked on a previous version of windows” then select windows 7 as your preferred compatibility.

You can test the application to see if it will launch and if it does then go back to the troubleshooter window and let it know that it worked so it will save your settings.

Close the game via task manager then re-open again from the epic games store and it should run. You’ll need to sign in on a browser when the game boots as well.

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