Game Code does not work anymore

4 Days ago, i activated my game key in Epic Games Launcher (PC) now it says, that i don’t own the game. After contacting the support of Epic Games Store, they said, that the code may be reported and thats why its not working anymore. Now i don’t know what to do. The shop where i bought the game told me, that the code is okay and working - and it was indeed working 2 days. But since yesterday there is an issue. Pls help me :frowning:

Where have you bought the key?


You have to reach out them then, sorry.

Hey what edition of the game did you buy? And is it a digital or physical copy?

But they said the code is okay - it worked as i said 2 days and now it shows that there is an issue. Epic games support said mayve the code got reported. I got the normal version of goat simulator 3 so the game key - there is no copy.

Epic games support said - the problem has to be at the store, where i bought the key. The store where i bought the key said - the problem has to be at the developers of the game. Its still not working anymore…

Lots of keysellers use illegally optained keys. In fact, like 95% of all keysellers are unauthorized and operate in the greymarket.

In the future, only buy from the official stores. In case of GS3 this would be EGS for PC, PlayStation Store for PS5 and the Microsoft/Xbox Store for Xbox Series X/S.

We cannot provide any further assistance with this issue. Therefore this thead is now locked.