Suggestion for toggling Tornado and other environmental modifiers

I’ve come across many people (myself included) who get a bit frustrated by the presence of the tornado. There are other world modifiers that fall into that category that can hinder the enjoyment of the game.

At this point, I’ve made peace with it and can fully enjoy GS3 with the presence of these modifies. In fact, desperately seeking shelter from a tornado that’s sneaking up on me has actually become a bit fun! However, there are times I wish I could disable these modifies and enjoy a fresh, clean world to goat around in, with all my OP abilities and chaos-bringers.

With the fact that players unlock different modifiers and novelty upgrades as the progress through the Illuminati Ranks, I think it would be cool if the player could earn access to a room where they can enable or disable world modifiers. This includes the tornado, alien slime, alien ships, banana slime, Abomininas, etc. There are more, but they’re far less inconvenient.

If just giving the room to the players would take away the challenge too much, you could, like I said, only earn it at a very high rank or at the end of the game. A lot of games have often given the player access to cheat codes after beating the game just to play the game their own way.

It’s a very loose suggestion and it probably much harder to pull off than how I’m making it sound, but it would still be cool to see a way to toggle some environmental hazards. :slight_smile:

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That would be a cool addition but also you can have 3 different worlds and you keep all the same stuff each time so that gets rid of them.


Wow, seriously? I didn’t want to start a new game cause I thought I’d lose all my goat’s progress, along with all my unlocks

Yeah you keep all your trinkets, goat gear, and money, the map/missions just reset on only that one save. Just click “load” and you can make one or two more and delete them at any time. The only way to remove all progress is with the reset all progress button in settings.


just that missions reset, and also if you don’t want that go and change it to the old save

Tornado isn’t working at all since the Easter '23 update. Butting the girls gets them spinning but the tornado never starts.

The tornado can be turned on and off now. The switch is in the goat castle