Cant remove Tornado once spawned (Please remove)

The tornado you spawn with the ballerina quest is unremovable. It ruins the game and is very very annoying. Someone please make a way to remove it as I make quit the game because of it. Its not just me as other players also have this issue,

It’s a bit annoying but it moves around the entire map so I just stay away from it. You also get 3 save slots so just make one without doing the tornado quest if you want one with no risk of it getting the way.

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I love it adds a bit more randomness

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Hey, we know that some of you find the tornado annoying and we’re looking into possible ways to reset it.


Maybe after than mission add a small “tornado shelter” area to your goat castle or somewhere in suburbsville where there is like a button to start or end it. You could also make it a secret mission where the tornado rips the door off some small government complex which has that switch which some weird weather conspiracy joke thing. Depends on how much effort you want to put into a switch lol.

Please don’t, it’s just to funny and if it sometimes resets the fun would be gone

It being toggle-able would be the best option in my opinion.

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