Ideas maybe, IDK

References to other simulator games like DEEER Simulator or I am bread
References to Popular culture with goats in it like Pig Goat Banana Cricket or Chupacabra
Mutators from Goat Sim 1 to return
Ability to turn into Keanu Reeves
The goat Payday crew to return
Ability to add udders
Ability to change age of goat (baby, adult)
Make a mobile version
If you havent already, make a Xbox one and Ps4 version plz.
Thanks 4 listening!

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BTW, you dont have to follow them

among us would be cool

you sussy baka

I hate the fact that everything has to be at least 20 charecters

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A shoe shop where you can get some drip

Also Maybe add human children?

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Maybe that there are conversations the people can have just your average chitchat

I hope so since it’d be pretty extreme to headbutt little billy

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fallout collaboration?

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i hate the fact that everything has to be ay least 20 character’s long

I’ve always thought a day and night cycle would be fun. Or make the worlds seasonal, with rain, snow and sun etc. It would keep the worlds fresh. You could have certain Easter eggs or even places only playable / discoverable under certain conditions. Could be a lot of fun and a way to extend the possibilities of the game.

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