Throwaway mutator/feature idea(s)

Going to be posting random mutator ideas or random features here…

Maybe a spider goat? Like, actual spider, not the spider-goat we’ve seen previously; thought it would be fun because actual “spider goats” exist! (goats that produce spider milk via gene modification) it could perhaps be just a giant spider, or a (black widow colored?) goat with eight legs/chelicerae/several eyes? Probably unlockable via a giant spiderweb (in some sort of cemetery or abandoned area maybe?) or collecting some amount of trophies/as an Easter egg
Ideas for special

  • maybe none?
  • wrapping npcs/objects up in a web
  • some sort of “biting”, maybe poisons the npcs (turn them into goats/spiders, makes them go ragdoll forever/die, some other effect?)

I 100% understand if this isn’t added to the game, because there’s a ton of mutator ideas/it isn’t that interesting/there’s already sort of a spider goat on mobile, but I really love the game and it would be super cool if one of my ideas was added!

Haha, that’s some nice ideas. Whenever I think of spider goat I just think of Homer Simpson holding that pig on the ceiling whilst signing the Spiderman theme, haha.

Great idea for a topic though, fun mutators. Hmmm, how about:

1: Married Goat
Another goat dressed in either a wedding dress or a tux masks your every move. You could also do this with parenting goat, best friend goat etc. Just some character which shadows your movements.

2: Exploding Goat
Your goat is on a constant timer and every time he reaches zero, he explodes.

3: Wiki Goat
When activated, every NPC just spits out random Goat facts.

4: Make It Stop
Everything in goat world vanishes except the floor and skybox… it all slowly pops back into view over the course of 60 mins.

5: Super Goat
You goat wears a cape and can go flying about and shooting lasers from his eyes.

6: Nemesis Goat
A random, scary goat is dropped in Goat world! It pursues you wherever you go and every time it touches you, you shrink by half your size and respawn. Eventually you’ll be too small to control and vanish. Trophy if you last 60 mins.

7: Teacher Goat
Every five minutes the whole game freezes and doesn’t unlock until you’ve answered five basic arithmetic questions. Good for helping certain little girls who want to play goat all day instead of doing home work. :slight_smile:

8: The Goat Hoard
Every goat / animal you find and touch will follow you everywhere.

9: Crank Goat
Your goat needs to lick a moving object every five mins to keep from exploding.

10: Speed Goat
Your goat has to stay above a certain speed, else his legs fall off and he has to roll everywhere for the course of the game.

Okay, that’s probably more than enough, haha. I could do this all day I really could, hahaha.

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Oh I love those ideas…
here’s another!
ocean goat- (can be renamed)

  • impervious to water, aka can swim in it w/o going ragdoll
  • if has a special, can be a jet burst of water?
  • looks like a blue goat with fins and gills, or can be some kind of ocean creature (obv not dolphin or whale haha, shark maybe?
  • probably obtainable via something in the water, an aquarium, or on the beach
  • not a great idea but thought it might be fun because it appears the map is located on/around a beach
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Haha, love it. Imagine opening up the seas and ocean floor to exploration. Would be fabulous… come to think of it I wonder if those weird walking fish will return in the third game.

Okay, ten more from me:

1: Zen Goat
Floats everywhere with his legs crossed on a cloud.

2: Flatulent Goat
Pilgor moves only through the force of his own bowls. He hops like a frog from place to place.

3: The Goat in The Mirror
Play split screen solo, with a Pilgor who mirrors your every move.

4: Playa
A small Pilgor character appears in the bottom right of the screen holding a joypad whilst the in-game Pilgor changes into a person… you. :slight_smile: The small Pilgors control pad movements / inputs are perfectly matched to your inputs, so it looks as though the roles have switched and Pilgor is now playing “Human Simulator”.

5: Bionic Goat
Pilgor’s tongue transforms into something akin to the arm from Bionic Commando, which can fasten to surfaces and allows you to swing / reel yourself in.

6: Couldn’t Give A Sh#t
Pilgor is filling up but there’s only one toilet hidden on the whole map… can he find it in time!!!

7: Get 'Em Off
Pilgor has been joined on his journey by more than a hundred flees. You have to try to shake them off! Each flee needs an increasing amount of force to be removed, so go kiss a bus, go parachuting without the parachute or anything else which will rid you of those pesky intruders.

8: Blackhole
Goatworld has run into a black hole and slowly but surely, blackness is engulfing the land and making the world smaller and smaller.

9: Goat Come Back!
Poor granny goat isn’t feeling well and she needs several ingredients to brew herself a healing brew. As granny stands by her cooking pot, she marks an ingredient on your map which you have to race to grab and bring back before the timer runs out. More ingredients from increasingly further away are needed, can Pilgor bring them all back in time? Totally inspired by an old Spec game called Ollie & Lissa: Olli and Lissa Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum - YouTube

10: Trot With Me If You Want To Live
Pilgor has to get Sarah Goatner safely from one side of the map to the other, whilst a fearless Terminbleeter chases them. Pilgor can use his trusty head to knock the Terminbleeter to the ground and buy some time, but if the Terminbleeter knocks Sarah Goatner to the ground, it’s game over.

That’s all… for now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: