Shipping container glitch after latest update 04/29/23

Since downloading the newest update for Goat Simulator 3 on Xbox series S (04/29/24), shipping containers are falling from the sky in seemingly random intervals, or perhaps it’s set intervals, but nonetheless, it’s ruining the game because as I’m in the middle of a quest or activity suddenly a shipping container will crash down to the ground, knocking me out of the player map, or even under the player map requiring a respawn.
Is anybody else experiencing this glitch?


Its not a glitch, it occurs after doing the mission where you help the construction worker who is stuck under a crate. They recently made it so you can turn it off (as well as the tornado) in the goat tower.

Also welcome to the forums! :goat:


You mean “what comes up must come down“? It’s strange because I had completed that “quest“ on a previous Playthru but I don’t remember shipping containers crashing down from the sky in random intervals.
Thank you for the speedy response, and thank you for the welcome to your forums.


Yes that is what causes it. You are welcome!