GS3 PC EGS - All progress lost except completed missions and goat tower

Goat Simulator 3 PC Epic Games Store.

Boot up the game today and lost most progress in the game.

The only items unlocked appear to be Christmas cosmetics.
Every hat, shoe, goat, etc needs to be unlocked again.
The Goat currency is back to 0.
Goat tower progress is still maxed out.
Completed missions are still completed.

Daughter had 60 hours in the game.

Is there any way to restore progress? Is this a known issue? Impossible to re-unlock everything with currency as she had almost everything bought and completed.

I am a QA Engineer so if you need any game files or specifics let me know.

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Well maybe you could do that be as far as I’m aware these stats are cloud saved by Epic Games so maybe she could just be logged out. I hope that this is the fix for you. But maybe she just clicked the wrong button in settings that resets everything

I hope you find your fix

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Will try to log out and back in. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure why there would be a button that deletes all your cosmetics.

Resetting the missions so you can do them again masks sense but that is not what happened.

I have the same Problem do you have a solution?

Yeah, you can have 3 different saves but they keep your goat gear and money and just have a refreshed map and castle with no goat towers or missions found/done. This is very strange.

If this is cloud saved, how is any of this possible?

You can click “load” on the main menu to choose between one of the 3 saves. This won’t solve your issue I’m just pointing out that this is strange that you kept everything a new save would not have kept and lost everything it should have kept.

The new save slot we started is fine and how you would expect a vanilla brand new game with nothing unlocked would be.

The save with 60 hours is the only problem.

Hmm i tought I saw a reset button in settings but I must be mistaking sorry for that false info then

I hope you get back where you where quick if you have any other problem maybe we can help you then

There is a reset button in settings but it resets EVERYTHING rather than keeping the missions and towers which seems to have occurred. I’m assuming it’s a profile related issue as the goat gears money and trinkets are tied to the account rather than the save.

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there is a reset button