Cant get capybara goat

I was at the end of the game but during the end scene i went to the title screen to fix my audio but when i joined back i didn’t have the capybara and couldn’t re do it


This happened to me and so far we haven’t found anything to correct it.

Got the final stone, it triggered the ending cutscene but there was no audio, then it froze and crashed. When we loaded the game back up, the Tiara had all of the stones still only we didn’t receive any of the rewards at the end and now there’s no way to trigger that scene again or get it to register that the DLC was completed.

You still don’t have any replies either, I see.

Have you had any luck elsewhere or found any suggested fixes?

I ended up breaking the news and even my wife is frustrated. She helped us clear some of the more tedious tasks like the mining or letting your grass hair grow.

No one wants to do everything over again, which would sadly put a fork in our family Goat adventures.

I sadly didn’t find anything but upon deleting my dlc save file and making a new one i still had my cosmetics like the hammer or other stuff which made redoing the quests alot easier. but it did end up taking me a few hours but i did get back to the end. a goat simulator developer also said they were looking into it so i would hope it gets fixed soon.