Sudden FPS drops/stuttering Xbox Series X

Hey all, just hoping to get some insight. So the other day I bought Goat Simulator 3 for me and my son. It’s been honestly amazing until today. There’s a lot of moments of the game stuttering suddenly. We’re playing split screen and it even happens freshly loading into the game. We’ve caused tons of chaos and was completely fine. However now when we load in we can see the stuttering before we even do anything. It’s unfortunate because this is truly an amazing game but the stuttering has ruined missions etc among other things. For what it’s worth the game and Xbox are up to date and this doesn’t happen with any other games. Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

it uses some heavy physics (thats probably also why a ps4 or Xbox one release isn’t planed yet) and with almost every mission more stuff is added to the map

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have you tried to see if it happens on singleplayer?

either it is just because everything is spawning, the graphics are hard to render, or your xbox is broken beyond repair (joke) but it is most likely to be intentional