Progression lost

Hey y’all

We are aware that some of you have lost your progress in the game for unknown reasons. We’re trying to figure out the cause of this and would need some additional info from the ones who have been affected by this.

The questions are:

  • Did this pop-up appear for you?

  • What progress did you lose? World save or Player save?
    World save = the map, events
    Player save = karma, goat gears, trinkets

  • Do you remember around which date this happened?

  • What platform are you playing on?

  • The pop-up did not appear.
  • I lost everything (even customized settings).
  • Hard to say but somewhere after the Easter event.
  • I’m playing on PC.

No pop-up here either. Kids were playing and it was just all gone.
We just lost our progress yesterday (9/27).
We only lost player save data - all trinkets, karma, and gear.
Also playing on PC.


Is this problem still being worked on? I’m just wondering cause It has been quite a while.


We were playing on the X-box series X. There was no pop up. The only thing that wasn’t lost was quest completion.

Data gone when we logged on today. January 6th, 2024.

  1. All insrincts lost.
  2. All wardrobe lost.
  3. All money lost.

Please help. My son loves this game.


This glitch just happened to me today. Is there a fix to this? We were playing on the X-box 1X. There was no pop up. The only thing that wasn’t lost was quest completion.


Unfortunately there’s no known fixes and no updates from the devs


Booted up the game yesterday to check out the april fools event and finally a year later Epic Games found an old GS3 cloud save and I was able to regain all of my old data. (At least I have not noticed anything missing yet). Thought I’d share this here.

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My son has atleast 100hrs in this game and this just happened today. He has autism and is not taking this well. We are on PC/Xbox Gamepass.

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