Possible brief theory on the lore of Goat Simulator *SPOILER WARNING*

In the beginning there was nothing. Then suddenly a pantheon of gods/devs appeared. The only known gods are The Farmer, and Pilgor (The Goddess of Chaos and Queen Of Goats) The pantheon created many things, including the Multiverse. Eventually Pilgor was feared by the other gods and cast to earth, hoping she would be harmless there. For centuries she lived among mortals. The only known events she had caused at this time happened in Goat MMO Simulator where she “helped” mortals by defeating the Old Goat. She also joined and became the leader of a group of criminals. Still in her weak form she was the harbinger of Chaos and was not as harmless as the Gods had hoped. Pilgor destroyed many alternate Earths, causing a zombie apocalypse, or blowing up the earth via laser. Each time she did this, the gods moved her to a new reality. Eventually they had enough and sent her to purgatory, believing that there she couldn’t destroy anything else, but eventually she escaped. The Farmer created San Angora as a new prison where she could cause as much chaos as she wanted, without truly hurting anyone. Although this meant the Gods no longer had to move Pilgor to a new reality constantly, this plan also backfired as The Farmer was unable to complete the prison in time, leading to his demise. The other Gods attempted to fix this by fixing the now corrupted prison, and seem to have succeeded.

There’s probably a lot more you could add to this but I find it as an interesting take on the universe and the future DLCs could focus on other gods, like an ocean dlc could have The Mariner or something. Let me know if you have any input or other ideas.



So with Pilgor being the Goddess of Chaos/Queen of Goats, How do the mutators play in? Pilgor eventually can be transformed into the Old goat. Do the gods just recognize Pilgor no matter what? Also if you beat the “Illuminati Ranks” portion of GS3, The Final Boss(The Farmer) that you have to defeat is he a god too or a really powerful mortal? If he is a god then wouldn’t Pilgor be in control of the situation since You can transform into the Farmer gaining whatever abilities he had, Including taking down the prison at will? If the farmer had the power to build a prison for a Goddess wouldn’t that mean Pilgor also has the power or would everything be watered down from moving realities?

I’m interested to see how this lore is gonna turn out.


Good questions, I think mutators are a mixture of items Pilgor discovers (such as the paraglider from GOATZ) and Pilgor slowly starting to regain power in various ways (such as the Devil/Angel Goat) as for things like the Old Goat, Tall Goat, Microwave, Shopping Goat, Abomanana, etc. I believe these are likely separate beings or possibly Pilgor can shapeshift (bit of a stretch but it’s also Goat Simulator). This would also explain Goat Gears instead of mutators, the gods were attempting to limit Pilgor’s power/influence so it makes sense that in her prison she wouldn’t regain any powers, but rather collect things made by The Farmer to entertain her chaotic tendencies.
I believe these Gods/Devs are more similar to Norse Gods than pure immortal beings, and can die or be weakened. When defending The Farmer, he loses his hat. Hats are often symbolism for Authority and Power, as now Pilgor is in control, thus The Farmer has no authority or power. It is not clear if when the game was being rebooted (likely by another God who may sympathize with Pilgor) if the Farmer returns as well, as you can defeat The Farmer as many times as you want and can control him. I don’t think he’s necessarily “dead” but rather too week to fight Pilgor’s control of his mind. “The hat represents authority and power . Because it covers the head, the hat contains thought; therefore, if it is changed, an opinion is changed. The covered head shows nobility, and different hats signify different orders within the social heirarchy.“
I believe that Pilgor’s weakened powers also affect The Farmer’s, and thus; as of now anyway; she is trapped.