New Stream soon!

From Helena on the discord:
“Hello goat lovers!
We’re prepping for stream nr.3 and we would LOVE it if you could send us YOUR funniest video clips of when you’re playing Goat Simulator 3.
The crazier/derpier/buggier = THE BETTER

We’re going to showcase the clips during our livestream, so here’s your chance to let the world see what monstrosity you were able to capture. OMG

We’re mainly looking for VIDEO CLIPS, but if you’ve got some weird ass SCREENSHOT of a funny situation/bug from the game we might include that as well in the stream.

Note: ONLY video clips/screenshots from Goat Simulator 3 pls :goat_bless_love:

Submit your screenshots and videos in the Discord in the #stream_video_clips_submissions channel.

For those of you who cannot access the discord for whatever reason, just message me your clips/screenshots and I’d be happy to send them in. If you have a clip, post it on YouTube or another platform and send a link.


Thanks for the info dude! :goat_love: