New interview with IGN, lots of news!

IGN have done a great interview with Sebastian “we’re not worthy” Eriksson, CEO & Game Designer at Coffee Stain North.

So many details to share but here are some bullet points:

  • NPC’s have personality and are split into different behavioural groups
  • They’ve been busy working on the game for five years.
  • The map is 18 times bigger with 20-25 hours of core content
  • Lots of surprise environments to visit
  • Used GTA5 map as inspiration
  • Electricity, fire, oil and “stickiness” will be a big part of the fun
  • Electricity will make cars go fast
  • You can destroy pretty much anything
  • Mutator system replaced with “Goat Gears”
  • Switch out helmets, backpacks etc. Each have different abilities and can be freely combined.
  • Nine different “Goat Types”
  • Game has an actual story with quests and puzzles.
  • Story will absolutely not get in the way of however you want to play.
  • Quests can be tackled in any order you want.
  • Seven included mini games which can be played anywhere on the map
  • Make an NPC’s head grow bigger than the planet if you like, they’re not going to stop you.
  • Grind, drive cars, traversal was a priority for the team.

I mean it sounds like an absolute blast. What more could you possibly want from a Goat sequel???


I do wonder though, when they say it’s 18 times bigger than the original, what do they mean? 18 times bigger than Goatville, Goatville & Goat City Bay or 18 times bigger than everything, with all the mods combined… that would be insane, haha.

I’d bet it’s 18 times bigger than Goatville with Goat City Bay as that was kind of the full experience before the DLC. That in itself is… insane. Haha.

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This game looks awesome!

this is how open world games should be making it an adventure that you create and stumble upon like Skyrim not like follow checkpoint x and then y like anthem.