Is Coffee Stain North planning on nothing but free updates for the foreseeable future?, or will there be a proper paid DLC?

I want more trinkets, I want more missions, I want Pilgor to be voiced by Chris Pratt, I want more ramps, I want more outfits, I want more skins, I want more references, I want more mini-games, I want a goat first person shooter, but most of all, I want a drivable space craft with tolerable controls.

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we all do


we already have a spacecraft, but without the tolerable controls

Oh boy do I have the news for you

Simply check the “movies” folder in Goat Simulator 3 (As in the game files, assuming you have a pc)

I think I heard something about this but I am on Xbox, what is there again?

If I remember there’s like an underwater dlc and space again

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That would be cool, hopefully it’s not just a joke or something

And apparently they removed the leaked content from the files… darn

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Doesn’t mean it can’t still happen

Yeah they removed the files but I realised that you could change the ending cutscene or the movies that you play with the movie tapes by replacing the mp4 files. I learnt that by replacing the halo infinite intro