Is the map bigger than goat sim 1

Is the map big, maybe compare to another game?

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we don’t know the size of the map yet

I’ve got to assume so. The first was a bit of a daft sandbox experiment, this is a proper new game. Given the price I’m not expecting GTA levels of world to cover but I’d be surprised if we don’t get something at least comparable to Goatville and Goat City Bay combined. Hopefully there will be more DLC worlds to come and what I’d love, is if they were somehow interconnected this time, in the way you could travel to Goat City Bay from Goatville, it would be great if there were clear, contextually relevant travel points between the different worlds, such as a space port or a time machine or a jumping castle which sends you to the moon, haha. I wonder if that Father Christmas is still up there. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: