How many maps will there be?

I’m interested because in the original there was Goat Ville and Goat City Bay. I’m wondering if there will be two maps like the original or maybe one big map.

I also think possible DLC will take a role on how much maps will be in the final game.


I think that the release will be one big map.

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Henlo, I can’t really tell you that. Hang in there!


I hope they have multiple maps at launch with more in the future.

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I don’t know if there will be multiple maps, but here’s one leaked from gamescom 2022.

There seems to be some city parts so I doubt there are multiple maps.

Here’s the video I got it from Goat Simulator 3 EXCLUSIVE Gameplay | Jesus, Doom, and more Secrets and References | Gamescom 2022 - YouTube

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I think we’ll get one big one (San Angora) at launch. When they release DLC/expansions, we will get a few smaller maps.